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The DOE will accept Continuing Education Contact Hour Certificates for Professional Development (PD)

Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH), formerly CEUs, are used when renewing your teacher certification.

It is the responsibility of the individual to:

Staff Development cannot/does not:

The DOE has requested that Sioux Falls School District teachers document all Professional Development on one form for the school year. Please use the Professional Development Log to do this. The link to this form is provided below.

On the Professional Development Log, you may list the following activities:

You may not list the following activities:

Print the form and record your Professional Development (see above for acceptable training). Indicate the name of the instructor/facilitator of each activity on the form. Print as many forms as you need during your renewal process. Your building administrator must sign and date each completed form before the end of the current school year.



Remember, when submitting contact hours, 15 hours equals one credit.

You must submit this form to the SD Department of Education (DOE) along with your on-line renewal application at the time of your scheduled renewal. Do not send the form to the SD DOE at the end of each year.

Do not send the Professional Development Log to Human Resources or Staff Development.

It is the responsibility of the individual to:

If you are currently enrolled in an advanced degree program (i.e. master's, specialist's, doctoral) in which you will earn a minimum of six graduate level credits prior to your certificate renewal date, you do not need to utilize this form.

If you already have enough credits/Continuing Education Contact Hours to renew your certification, you do not need to utilize this form.

Starting this year (2018-2019) the Department of Education (DOE) will not accept generic listings on the professional development log such as “Professional Development” or “District Inservice” or “Building Inservice”.

Please ensure that you list a specific title for your trainings on your Professional Development Log.

Please note: The Sioux Falls School District has negotiated with the DOE to accept the generic titles on previous years Continuing Education Contact Hours certificates, including last year’s (2017-2018). However, they will not accept generic titles going forward.