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All employees must register for a free account with the escWorks Professional Development Software prior to signing up for any professional development courses or workshops. To do so, please click HERE.

By using escWorks, each employee of the Sioux Falls School District is able to track his/her professional development throughout the year and receive e-mail alerts of upcoming classes/workshops that are in his/her interest areas.

Red Apple Workshops Proposal Form

To submit a Red Apple Workshops Proposal, please fill out a proposal form.

If you are offering an online Red Apple Workshop class, the class should meet face-to-face once at the very beginning of class and once at the very end of the class. At the start of the class, meeting in person is a great way to review class guidelines and expectations. All questions may be answered by the instructor. Furthermore, paperwork (i.e. registration payments, completed Augustana College/University of Sioux Falls cards, and graduate credit payments) may be collected by the instructor at this first-class session.

If you have any questions regarding escWorks or our Red Apple Workshops, please do not hesitate to contact the Staff Development Department at (605) 367-7955 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..