In-District Mileage claims will be recorded, submitted, and approved ONLINE - all without printing a piece of paper! As of July 2010, staff who are assigned to more than one building or staff that routinely travel between buildings as a part of their assignment are reimbursed for the mileage between the locations. In addition to recording the trips between teaching locations, staff whose duties take them to places other than teaching locations can record those trips by odometer readings. The mileage claim will be submitted to the staff person's supervisor online, the administrator will approve the claim online and Finance will process the claim for payment.

In-District mileage claims should be submitted for reimbursement quarterly and must be submitted prior to June 30th of each year.

Guidelines for In-District Mileage

The mileage between buildings, taking the shortest, most logical route, has been computed curb to curb (bus stop to bus stop) by the Edulog system. Google Maps is the official audit tool to check odometer readings (using the option of no interstate travel). The mileage charts have been prepared for the purpose of standardizing the mileage claimed between teaching locations and have been updated to add Jefferson High School, Ben Reifel Middle School, and other teaching locations.


Travel which is not between locations on mileage charts is to be measured by the automobile odometer. If your odometer does not have tenths of miles do not record tenths of miles. If there is a problem with your odometer, please call Joni DenHoed at (605) 367-7903 before recording any distances.

Claims submitted for reimbursement WILL NOT BE PAID unless the following requirements are met:

  1. Travel between teaching locations are listed in the pull-down menu and must be used when traveling to and from teaching locations (i.e. Cleveland to Howe; Central Svcs to Community Campus; etc.)
  2. Each day’s travel must be itemized one trip per line (IPC to Central Svc). Claims will not be paid if travel is summarized by week or month.
  3. Travel that is not between teaching locations on the chart must be measured by automobile odometer and recorded each time you travel.
  4. Travel locations that are not on the mileage chart must be listed as a complete address (i.e., Redlin Elementary to Lewis Drug on South Minnesota; or Hawthorne Elementary to 123 Elm Street; NOT Garfield to Home Visit) and recorded each time you travel.
  5. Do not claim mileage from home to work or work to home (see Policy EEBB).
  6. Do not claim mileage that has not yet been traveled.
  7. Do not claim mileage between two separate jobs (i.e. morning EA and afternoon Clerical, morning Reg. Ed. Clerical and afternoon Special Education Clerical, etc.)
  8. Do not claim mileage for days when school is not in session, snow days, or when you are ill, gone for personal or professional leave, funeral leave, vacation, etc.
  9. Do not claim mileage that takes you outside the District’s boundaries on the In-District travel forms. This mileage must be submitted as “Out of District Travel” (eg. Corn Maze, Country Orchard, Manna Retreat, 85th Street Walmart, EROS, Brandon, Brookings, etc.) (A leave request must be submitted prior to requesting reimbursement.)

Claims can be denied if there are many errors on the form.

Mileage claims shall be submitted at the end of each quarter. If your claim does not total $15, it should be continued and submitted for payment at the end of the next quarter or the end of the school year, whichever is earlier. All claims must be submitted for payment BEFORE July 1.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to hold your mileage claim until the end of the year, payment of claims may be delayed until the beginning of the next school year.