Name Position Location Phone
Anderson, Makaley Teacher Anne Sullivan Elementary (605) 367-6084
Anderson, Merri J Ea Lib/cpt/cb Eugene Field A+ Elementary (605) 367-6160
Anderson, Pam J Spec Iep/504 Facilitator Susan B. Anthony Elementary (605) 367-4560
Anderson, Patricia Jo Teacher Roosevelt High School (605) 362-2860
Anderson, Rachael Ann Teacher Ben Reifel Middle School (605) 371-4155
Anderson, Rachelle Marie Teacher Memorial Middle School (605) 362-2785
Anderson, Samuel James Teacher Patrick Henry Middle School (605) 367-7639
Anderson, Sarah Kathleen Stc Teacher Southeast Technical College (605) 367-7624
Anderson, Sharon Joy Teacher Garfield Elementary (605) 367-6180
Anderson, Shelley Jo Cn Worker Child Nutrition Service (605) 367-7635
Anderson, Shelly Frazee Clerical Hourly Memorial Middle School (605) 362-2785
Anderson, Valerie Lou Ea Sped Personal John F Kennedy Elementary (605) 362-2784
Anderson, Valerie Rose Teacher John Harris Elementary (605) 371-4111
Anderson-Alpers, Denise K Teacher R. F. Pettigrew Elementary (605) 362-3560
Anderson-Finch, Meghan Adele Teacher Lincoln High School (605) 367-7990
Anduce, Noemi Francia Emph Laura Wilder Elementary (605) 367-4570
Anfinson, Alexis Jade Spec Behav Facilitar Robert Frost Elementary (605) 367-6170
Anstine, Wendy Sue Clerical Iii Terry Redlin Elementary (605) 367-6140
Apperson, Denise E Cn Worker Edison Middle School (605) 367-7643
Archer, Elizabeth Ann Clerical Ii Washington High School (605) 367-7970
Arenas, German R Teacher Sonia Sotomayor Elementary (605) 367-4655
Arenz, Brett A Legal Counsel IPC - Admin/Legal Services 605-367-4670
Arndt, Katie Lynn Ea Sped Resource Eugene Field A+ Elementary (605) 367-6160
Arnett, Rebecca Lee Cn Worker Child Nutrition Service (605) 367-7635
Arnoldy, David M Stc Cust Mgr Southeast Technical College (605) 367-7624

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